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Updated: Jan 14, 2023

Newly crowned Onechampionship featherweight champion, Tang Kai visited Tiger Muay Thai (Singapore) after his contention fight against opponent Thanh Le. Bringing his Championship Belt and his teammate, bantamweight fighter and ONE Hero Series Contract Winner, Xie Wei, the two fighters came in great spirits all ready to mingle with the crowd. Tang Kai had a slightly bloodshot right eye, from receiving a punch from Thanh Le, other than that, he looked no worse for wear. The jaws of the girls dropped when they entered. As for the men, they were more interested in twelve-kilogram Championship belt.

tang kai winning onechampionship featherweight title

We asked Tang Kai how it felt before, during and after the fight. The pressure on Tang Kai was intense before the fight, as winning this would mean he would become the First Male Chinese MMA Champion. The whole of China were rooting for him, even to the extent of organizing large village gatherings to watch the title fight on big screen, complete with fireworks at the end (if he won, of course).

tang kai in tiger muay thai singapore gym

How did he deal with it, we asked. Tang Kai shrugged and said he tried his best to focus on the training and not think of the weight he carried on his (ultra-fit and strong) shoulders. However, the minute the fight started, it was more calming to him more than anything as the pressure he faced slipped from his mind and his focus shifted towards the fight.

We saw his emotion aired on screen when he was announced the winner. We however, wanted to know how he felt post fight when reality had sunk in. Tang Kai smiled, thought for a bit, and said “I was very excited, I could not fall asleep for 24 hours after the fight.”

Well congratulations again Tang Kai! We hope you had a good sleep after your 24 hours of being awake, and we hope to see you at Tiger Muay Thai (Singapore) in the future!

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