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Kru Fah profile.jpg

Fight Name:

Fahsuchon Sit O
Fight Record:

350wins /80 defeats /6 draws


112, 118 & 125 pounds Muay Thai & Lumpinee Champion

Kru Fahsuchon Sit O is a former Muay Thai & Lumpinee Champion that grew up in poverty - Buriram Thailand (Northeastern region). He has since weathered the storms and amassed over 400 fights.  

Kru Fah Sit O nicknamed “Lighting Teep” known for his fast & powerful front kicks, his others accomplishment is being the only Best Fighter (year 2000) by the Thailand Sports Authority but rarely attainable in Muay Thai, not only excelling with strong fighting experiences but also with more than 10 years of coaching experience at Tiger Muay Thai

Trainer: Kru Fahsuchon

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