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About Tiger Muay Thai, MMA & Fitness

Tiger Muay Thai started off with vision to bring quality and authentic Muay Thai Training in Thailand to people of all levels. Now, the camp has become a home away from home for enthusiasts and professional athletes all over the world who come for a variety of reasons.

Accepting all levels of Fitness and Fight experience, from holiday-makers, vacationers, adventure junkies, fitness enthusiasts and military personnel to professional fighters and athletes who comes to improve technique and to prepare for international bouts and tournaments to further progress their career.

Tiger Muay Thai, MMA and Fitness has fast become a training ground for the worlds most elite and dominant athletes. Continually featured on documentaries, travel shows and throughout a variety of mass media outlets, Tiger has gained a well-deserved reputation as the premier destination for Muay Thai, MMA & Fitness training in Thailand.

     Whatever your current level of fitness or martial arts ability, we look forward to having you train with us at Tiger Muay Thai & help you make your Combat Sport & Fitness dreams come true!

     Located at the edge of Singapore's CBD, Raffles Place, the world -renowned Tiger Muay Thai & MMA opens it's doors in Singapore.

Tiger Muay Thai, MMA and Fitness (Singapore)

Now opening it's doors in Singapore, Tiger Muay Thai is set to make an even bigger wave across the world. Bringing Tiger Muay Thai's legendary training from Phuket to Singapore, everyone that goes through the doors of Tiger Muay Thai (Singapore) can expect to experience what Phuket has to offer. Year round guest coaches and fighters will grace the doors of Tiger Muay Thai (Singapore), look out for them in action!

Authentic & Traditionally-based Muay Thai Training in Thailand for Everyone

Tiger Muay Thai strives to keep the Muay Thai training we offer 100% authentic. We respect Thai tradition and that reverence runs deeply throughout our classes and around our camp. You won’t find a watered down version of the “Art of Eight Limbs” here.

Our legendary Muay Thai classes are broken down into beginner, intermediate, advanced and professional invite-only ring.

Sessions will be run for 1 hour each and teach traditional and fundamental fighting techniques including kicking, knees, elbows, boxing (Thaiboxing) skills, the famed Muay Thai clinch, combinations, and of course, ring fitness and conditioning.

1 hour still not enough? Book yourself in for back to back classes!

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) & BJJ Training from & with the Best

We cover all ranges of MMA combat from BJJ, both in the Gi and Nogi, to wrestling and stand-up. The training program consists of three types of classes, the Mixed Martial Arts, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Western Boxing!